Military Base

DUI on Military Base – San Diego federal United States District Court

If you were arrested or detained for federal DUI or drunk driving at Camp Pendleton, Miramar, Coronado, North Island, 32nd Street or military base in San Diego County, you probably need a federal San Diego DUI lawyer to vigorously handle your off-base federal U.S. District Court DUI case in downtown San Diego.

At the time of arrest or detention, you received a federal United States District Court Violation Notice with the Offense Description:

“Drunk Driving”
“VC 23152”
“CVC 23152”
“Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol”
“Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs”
“Driving with .08% (or higher)”
“DUI .08 BAC +”
“DUI BAC .08 +”

(or similar language), you can later expect a federal “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT – NOTICE TO APPEAR” to arrive in the mail.

None of San Diego DUI criminal lawyer Rick Mueller’s United States District Court for a federal DUI or federal court drunk driving clients arrested on these bases have ever been convicted of DUI or drunk driving (except for two instances for driving with .08% BAC: (a) after dropping penalty enhancements including a prior DUI conviction & chemical test refusal, and (b) after dropping assault with a deadly weapon for hitting the gate sentry at a high rate of speed and then seven additional on-base violations after striking the MP with the vehicle followed by a high risk gate run).

Why not hire a premier San Diego drunk driving defense attorney who successfully gets federal U. S. District Court DUI cases dropped, dismissed, deferred or reduced every time?

Why not retain a top San Diego DUI defense lawyer who successfully avoids a California Vehicle Code Section 13352(a)(1) DUI DMV suspension in every one of these federal DUI Court and federal court drunk driving cases?

Why not retain a top San Diego DUI defense lawyer who successfully avoids Jail in every one of these federal DUI or drunk driving cases?

In the military and concerned about your Command?  Allow San Diego California DUI Attorney Specialist Rick Mueller prepare a Commanding Officer a “Not Guilty” letter, explaining how Rick will personally appear in federal DUI court for you (so you do not have to appear), how you are entitled to the “Presumption of Innocence” in the civilian matter, how there is presently no evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and how Rick will aggressively defend your federal DUI & drunk driving violations in San Diego.