Press Releases for San Diego DUI Victories

San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Attorney Rick Mueller Press Releases Include Rolling Publication of his Recent Victories

Recent Military Base DUI Cases – Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station

Here are some recent military base DUI cases that took place on Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station.

Whether you are a civilian simply visiting the military base or a member of the US. Navy coming back from having dinner; San Diego County’s Military Police will not discriminate when it comes to stopping you for a DUI.

Once you arrive at the Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station [CS-6] gates…(Read More)

Hit and Run Injury with High BAC DUI

The mixing of hard alcohol with an anti-depressant like Zoloft on top of anxiety medication can be a recipe for disaster.

It’s late at night, you come up on a red light but fail to stop. Consequently, you end up colliding with a vehicle stopped in front of you.

It’s not unreasonable to get scared by the whole situation. Unsure what to do next, you pull up a little then take off. Making an illegal U-turn, you get pulled over by a police officer…(Read More)

DUI While Still on Previous DUI Probation

You did not mean to drink so much that you ended up being over 3 times the legal .08% BAC limit. You did not intend to drive either, especially since you’re already on San Diego DUI probation. You’re trying to stop drinking altogether. You’ve been going to AA meetings and have recently completed recovery.

Then this happened. You are by yourself without any other ride home, so you decide to drive yourself home. As luck would have it, you run out of gas and have to pull over to the shoulder of the roadway. You’re a person of color and worried about any police contact. California Highway…(Read More)

Felony Avoided in DUI Accident Involving Pedestrian

A nice woman was recently enjoying a night drinking gin tonic downtown in the San Diego Gas Lamp District.

While driving home, a pedestrian came onto the street and then was by the nice woman’s vehicle around midnight.  The Accused lawfully pulled over on 500 G Street to ensure the health of the victim.  A police officer on a marked police bicycle, working as part of the San Diego Gas Lamp DUI Enforcement Team, responded via radio to investigate the alleged DUI collision…(Read More)

Attorney Salvages Repeat DUI Offender with .285% BAC

A sales manager was stopped after driving to a stop in East San Diego County, in a path of travel toward the exit of a parking lot.  The car’s engine was on, the gear shift in neutral, and the driver’s foot was on the brake pedal.  A DUI cop arrived on the scene to find the driver unresponsive.  The accused DUI driver sat on the curb near the vehicle, with the car 3 to 4 feet away from the curb in the parking lot’s path toward the exit.  He had a sleepy look to him, his eyes were red and glossy, and his speech was slurred.  He believed the time was 7 pm when it was 5:30 pm, after admitting drinking 2-3 drinks before driving…(Read More)

No Jail Time for DUI with Excessive Driving Speed

After 1:30 AM, two San Diego DUI officers were on routine patrol entering onto I-8 eastbound from Lake Murray Blvd. The DUI cop’s attention was drawn to two high speed cars driving alongside one another, one in the #1 lane and one in the #2 lane.  They accelerated the patrol car to catch up to the high-speed vehicles and positioned the vehicle in the #1 lane approximately 200 yards behind the suspect vehicles.  The officer had to obtain a pace of 105+ MPH to catch up to the vehicles, and activated the emergency lights just before pulling over the accused driver…(Read More)

DUI Charge Dropped for Driver Twice the Legal Limit

A project manager tasted wine in Temecula’s wine country, drinking an estimate of 15-18 tastings.  Returning to San Diego, the alleged DUI driver took the wrong exit off the freeway.  She inadvertently drove into the Miramar east gate, the sentry at the gate told her how to turn around to exit.  However, she mistakenly ended up looping around back to him.  Next thing she realized was a military policeman at the window of the vehicle.  The time was about 7:00 PM, and she finished her last wine tasting an hour earlier.

A series of field sobriety coordination tests were conducted, including the walk a straight line and turn test, which she failed.  The MP suspected the accused DUI driver to be intoxicated so he arrested her.  She blew two .16% breath tests…(Read More)

Dropped DUI Charge for Repeat Offender

Getting lost after midnight is usually a bad idea, especially if you’ve been drinking.  It’s easy to accidentally drive into a San Diego County military base if you take a wrong turn in Oceanside, Miramar, or Coronado.  Fortunately for this young lady, the San Diego County DUI Law Center provides competent and vigorous drunk driving defense representation in Federal (United States) District Court.

In this case, military police officers at Camp Pendleton’s main access gate requested the assistance of a patrol unit with conducting a DUI investigation of a female displaying several objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication…(Read More)

Victory for DUI Attorney with Client Crash Twice the Legal Limit

After 2:00 AM, when nothing good ever happens unless you’re already home, two San Diego DUI police officers were dispatched to a call of a single vehicle traffic collision on SR-94 westbound transition to SR-15 southbound.

The driver claimed he was hit by a vehicle traveling next to him, pushing himself into the roadway edge concrete wall.  However, no evidence was located to substantiate the claim of a hit and run.  He was fortunate enough to come out without any injuries for himself or towards anyone else.  There would be no felony DUI…(Read More)

Case Victory for Recent Graduate in DUI Crash

A bright graduate with a recent degree drank white wine and was driving home late at night.  After 3:00 AM, two San Diego DUI officers were dispatched to a solo vehicle traffic collision with an unresponsive female in the driver seat and medical personnel responding.  The roadway the collision took place on consisted of one lane of travel for westbound travel and one lane of travel for eastbound travel.  The alleged DUI driver collided into a fence on the side.  She was placed in an American Medical Response ambulance and the car towed with minor damage.

Once the medics on scene cleared the accused driver, the officers asked her to meet them by the front of their patrol vehicle.  While she was escorted to the front of the vehicle, the officers observed she had an unsteady gait by swaying from side to side…(Read More)

Dropped DUI Charges for Member of US Navy

An alleged DUI driver had been drinking whiskey and eating bar snacks at a bar.  He returned to base as a member of the US Navy on the USS Essex.  He drove back to his naval base when he rolled a stop sign in the 32nd street base.

The accused DUI military driver was cooperative with the officer and did all satisfactorily tests as instructed.  He blew into the hand-held breath test, and the officer did not tell or show any number that was listed.  There was no chemical test taken also, but the officer arrested him anyway due to belief of alcohol-related driving.  It took two hours for the San Diego military police officer to tell the accused driver that he blew a 0.11% BAC.  The officer cited the alleged DUI driver with a violation for “CVC 23152a – DUI,” a violation for “CVC 23152b – DUI .08 or higher,” and a failure to stop at a stop sign…(Read More)

Lady Helped by DUI Attorney After Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

After drinking white wine and tequila at a restaurant and then a bar, a nice retired medical field lady was driving on her way home at 2:00 AM.  She was stopped in the middle of an intersection on the eastbound lanes and then reversed, driving on the wrong side of the road.  A police officer observed the beige Mazda and observed a female sitting in the driver seat, just before putting her vehicle in reverse and driving backwards.  He activated his overhead light and conducted a traffic stop.  The accused driver continued driving, passing a few blocks at a slow rate of speed before pulling over…(Read More)

Reduced Sentence for Driver Over 3x the Legal Limit

A great burger gone bad.  Around 9:00 PM, an officer was dispatched to an In-n-Out burger to investigate a suspected intoxicated driver.  The alleged DUI driver had backed into something in his car, causing the back of the bumper to get cracked on the rear passenger side.  There were no other vehicles involved and there were no injuries.

Upon the officers’ arrival, he located the suspect vehicle in the drive-thru lane preparing to exit.  He then contacted the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle and immediately noticed the driver had red bloodshot and watery eyes…(Read More)

Lawyer Negotiates Dismissal of DUI Charge After Driver Fails Field Tests

A simple mistake made by a good guy shortly after 10:00 PM led to unfortunate consequences.  The man had a few beers at a bar just before getting pulled over by an arresting police officer.  While the officer was behind a vehicle leaving a parking lot, he noticed an illegal left turn from the accused driver.  The vehicle made a left turn next to a sign that said, “right turn only.”  Additionally, there was a sign approximately 15 feet from the first sign that stated, “no left turn.” This is a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21461(a).

Instantly after he pulled over the driver, the officer could immediately smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person while he spoke.  The officer observed extremely bloodshot and glossy eyes so he clearly assumed the driver to have consumed an alcoholic beverage or more…(Read More)

Minimal Punishment for DUI Causing Accident

In a San Diego downtown accident fortunate to deal no harm to anyone, two officers responded to the scene involving a possible drunk driver.  The alleged DUI driver knocked over two cones and had significant damage to the front end of his car.  He had been drinking beer at a bar and was on his way home just after 8:00 PM.  Because of the smell of alcohol and the certain manner of the accident, the officers assumed it was alcohol-related and asked the accused driver to do a series of field sobriety tests and blow into an Alco-Sensor IV.  The respectful U.S.Navy man agreed, beginning with the field sobriety tests…(Read More)