DUI While Still on Previous DUI Probation

You did not mean to drink so much that you ended up being over 3 times the legal .08% BAC limit. You did not intend to drive either, especially since you’re already on San Diego DUI probation. You’re trying to stop drinking altogether. You’ve been going to AA meetings and have recently completed recovery.

Then this happened. You are by yourself without any other ride home, so you decide to drive yourself home. As luck would have it, you run out of gas and have to pull over to the shoulder of the roadway. You’re a person of color and worried about any police contact. California Highway Patrol pulls over to see what’s going on. You had no time for AAA Auto Club rescue and a walk to find a gas station so late in an unfamiliar part of San Diego County was not wise.

CHP officer approaches your window to ask what happened?

“I was just going home. I ran out of gas.”

The officer can smell alcohol on your breath and hear the slight slur in your speech; he unfortunately asks to see your license. After running your license, the officer sees that you’re on San Diego DUI court probation, and then asks you to get out of your vehicle. You have trouble walking in a straight line and have no other choice than to admit you were drinking earlier. You refuse to perform acrobatics (field sobriety tests). You refuse to blow in the hand-held PAS breath-test gadget (although your DUI probation terms require it). You’re eventually arrested, and only then do you agree to a blood test. At jail, the phlebotomist seals your drawn blood vials and your fate. You decide it’s a good time to Google a good San Diego DUI lawyer. You see:

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You follow Rick Mueller’s advice in the article, “No Jail or No Jail for Second San Diego DUI with excessive BAC?” Fortunately, instead of 180 days in San Diego County Jail for your new DUI, your high BAC, and your probation violation, your attorney avoids the probation violation completly, you do only the minimum jail time plus 180 days of CPAC Home & Work Confinement per “2nd San Diego DUI Issues and Options.” You’re happy to be back in AA meetings and grateful to be eligible to apply for Early Reinstatement of California driver’s license.