Out of State

Out of State License – Driving Privileges for Resident of State outside California

San Diego California DUI arrest?

Do you have an out-of-state license (that the drunk driving arresting officer was not supposed to snatch)?

Was a pink California DMV Administrative Per Se Suspension/Revocation Order and Temporary Driver License given to you (as required by law)?

This is what you need to know:

The Interstate Compact is a multi-state agreement between participating states to share information and reciprocate. It covers California license suspension actions and California DUI convictions.

Depending on previous DUI offenses or refusals, licenses may be automatically suspended for a period of 90 days to five years, or permanently revoked for multiple DWI convictions (Connecticut).

If a resident of one state or holder of an out-of-state license has his or her driving privilege suspended by California DMV or gets convicted of DUI in California, the driver’s home state can be notified. Your home or issuing state may honor & reciprocate – take action to suspend your resident’s driver’s license.

Just because you do not have a California driver’s license and even if you do not plan to ever drive again in California, it is critical to know that a suspension of your driving privilege in California may result in a suspension of your home state driver’s license.

No matter where you live, you obviously want to avoid, if not at least minimize, any driver’s license suspension action by the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). For this reason, you may need to consider diligently retaining a California DUI – DMV Attorney Specialist.

Below is a list of states – it indicates whether a given state belongs to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, and if so, the year they joined. Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Michigan are all Non-compact states and should not in theory share DUI conviction information. It is better to be safe than sorry.

NRVC – This is a list of the Non Resident Violator Compact… A list of states that communicate with one another if you get a ticket out of your home state.
DLC – This is a list of states that belong to the Driver License Compact. An agreement between these states basically says you have only ONE drivers license record.
AlabamaOctober 1981Alabama1966
AlaskaNot a MemberAlaskaSeptember 1986
ArizonaJanuary 1993Arizona1963
ArkansasJanuary 1986Arkansas1969
CaliforniaJanuary 1963California1963
ColoradoJanuary 1982Colorado1965
ConnecticutJanuary 1981ConnecticutJanuary 1993
DelawareFebruary 1979Delaware1964
District of ColumbiaAugust 1980District of ColumbiaNovember 1985
FloridaOctober 1981Florida1967
GeorgiaFebruary 1980GeorgiaNot a Member
HawaiiJanuary 1996Hawaii1971
IdahoOctober 1992Idaho1963
IllinoisJuly 1984Illinois1963
IndianaJanuary 1980Indiana1967
IowaNovember 1980Iowa1965
KansasJanuary 1983Kansas1965
KentuckyDecember 1978KentuckyAugust 1996
LouisianaNovember 1979Louisiana1968
MaineJanuary 1982Maine1963
MarylandJuly 1979Maryland1978
MassachusettsDecember 1987MassachusettsNot a Member
MichiganNot a MemberMichiganNot a Member
MinnesotaOctober 1978Minnesota1990
MississippiMarch 1979Mississippi1962
MissouriOctober 1980MissouriOctober 1985
MontanaNot a MemberMontana1963
NebraskaJanuary 1982Nebraska1963
NevadaFebruary 1990Nevada1961
New HampshireJanuary 1982New HampshireOctober 1986
New JerseyJuly 1983New Jersey1966
New MexicoJanuary 1985New Mexico1963
New YorkJune 1982New York1965
North CarolinaSeptember 1980North CarolinaSeptember 1993
North DakotaJuly 1980North DakotaMay 1986
OhioJanuary 1985OhioOctober 1987
OklahomaJuly 1987Oklahoma1967
OregonNot a MemberOregon1963
PennsylvaniaJuly 1979PennsylvaniaOctober 1994
Rhode IslandApril 1986Rhode IslandJanuary 1987
South CarolinaJanuary 1981South CarolinaAugust 1987
South DakotaMay 1980South DakotaNovember 1987
TennesseeSeptember 1984Tennessee’65/’97dropped out
TexasJanuary 1982TexasSeptember 1993
UtahJuly 1985Utah1965
VermontOctober 1985VermontOctober 1987
VirginiaJuly 1980Virginia1963
WashingtonOctober 1993Washington1963
West VirginiaJuly 1978West VirginiaJuly 1972
WisconsinNot a MemberWisconsinNot a Member
WyomingJuly 1987WyomingMay 1987

If you have questions about how the Interstate Compact Act may apply in your San Diego California drunk driving case, you may want to contact a DUI & DMV attorney specialist in your state.

States are different in their respective license suspension actions. For example, Michigan will sanction a Michigan resident for a non-Michigan conviction. While Michigan had not enacted legislation specifically adopting the Compact; it has done so administratively and statutorily by allowing the Secretary of State to consider out of state convictions.