Recent Military Base DUI Cases – Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station

Here are some recent military base DUI cases that took place on Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station.

Whether you are a civilian simply visiting the military base or a member of the US. Navy coming back from having dinner; San Diego County’s Military Police will not discriminate when it comes to stopping you for a DUI.

Arriving on Base Case

Once you arrive at the Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station [CS-6] gates, the sentry will check your ID and quickly glance over you and your vehicle. If watery or red eyes, slurred words, or the smell of alcohol is detected, you will be stopped for a further assessment.

This situation has the potential to result in a military DUI that could ultimately land you in United States District Court at 333 West Broadway, San Diego California 92101.

Already on Base?

What if you’re already on base? What if you made it past the MP’s gate?

Try your hardest to not hit anything. If you even slightly bump into something on accident, the military police will arrive. On top, if they then suspect you’ve been drinking, you will be tested.

Sleeping it Off Case

What if you are at a wedding at the Island Club. You’re dancing and drinking all night. Once you leave the wedding, you realize you probably shouldn’t be driving. You decide to pull over and sleep it off on Rogers road.

Keep in mind there is little or no cell phone coverage on base. On top of this, Uber is not allowed on base. So, if you’re thinking about calling for a ride or taking an Uber back to base, you might be out of luck.

Pulling over into a lawful parking place and falling asleep is a good idea if you ever feel unfit to drive. Crawl into the backseat and put the keys under the mat in the backseat. You might be prompted to keep your vehicle on in order to run the air conditioning or the heater, however this is not a good idea. If you fall asleep in your vehicle while it is still running, you will most definitely receive a visit from the police at some point. At this point, you need to be prepared to be questioned in sufficient depth.

You should also be prepared to be asked to submit to a breath test. If this occurs, you should absolutely submit to the breath test, in order to not be vulnerable to a -year license suspension as a punishment for refusal.

What Can Happen?

What can end up happening depends on the Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, the date your attorney attends court, what you have done since the incident, and a host of other factors.


Here’s the two results for these two sample military DUI cases:

.14% – Reckless driving. Three-figure fine. Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

.13% – Case dismissed.

These are just a handful of the recent military base DUI cases that took place on Coronado Island’s North Island Naval Air Station.