Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Halloween DUI

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Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Halloween DUI

A Halloween DUI is no trick or treat!

It’s no secret that Halloween is going to look a little different this year. With the closure of bars and breweries that do not serve food, the closure of nightclubs, the closure of restaurants by 10pm, and restrictions on gathering sizes; Halloween will look far different from previous years.


Specifically, in San Diego County, the guidelines in place for Halloween are as follows:

Not Allowed
  • In-person events or parties containing more than three households – even if conducted outdoors
  • Carnivals, festivals, and live entertainment
Not Recommended
  • Close contact, door-to-door trick-or-treating, or leaving bowls of candy for others to grab from
  • Haunted houses – poorly ventilated and hard to regulate social distancing
  • Online parties/contests
  • Decorating homes and yards with Halloween decorations
  • Halloween movie night with your own household
  • Pumpkin patch where socially distancing is maintained


With trick-or-treating only being recommended as something to avoid and not specifically stated as not allowed, avoiding a DUI is even more important this Halloween. With the uncertainties of COVID-19, there is no way to predict the amount of foot traffic that will be roaming the streets that night.


Here are some tips to keep in mind for avoiding a DUI this Halloween:

  • Find a designated driver. If you plan on going out or gathering with friends, select a designated driver ahead of time and make sure they are not drinking.
  • Plan to use other methods of transportation. If you plan on going anywhere solo, use any alternative form of driving – Taxi, Uber, Lyft, Walking.
  • If you aren’t sure if you are able to drive, you probably shouldn’t. Even if you do not feel drunk, you can still get a DUI.
  • Stay somewhere. Try and plan to stay at a household if gathering and drinking on Halloween.
  • If you must leave the residence where you have been drinking stop drinking well before you plan to leave.


While these are only a few precautions one can take to avoid a DUI on Halloween, using one’s best judgment and keeping an alert eye out throughout the night will assist in the odds of avoiding a DUI and remaining safe throughout the night.


Halloween Check Points

Another aspect of avoiding a DUI on Halloween to be mindful of is DUI check points. DUI checkpoints are almost a guarantee in San Diego County on Halloween. Here are some of the previous checkpoints in San Diego County on Halloween:



When taking into consideration all of these tips to avoiding a San Diego County DUI on Halloween, it is still important to remember to still remain conscious of the current state and abide by county pandemic guidelines in place.

If in the unfortunate circumstance you end up with a DUI in San Diego County on Halloween, get ahold of a DUI lawyer such as Rick Mueller, a California DUI Lawyers Association designated Specialist, immediately.

Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Halloween DUI


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