Top 10 Steps to Protecting Yourself after a San Diego DUI during Coronavirus/COVID-19

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Here are the top 10 steps to protecting yourself after a San Diego DUI during Coronavirus/COVID-19:

1. Protecting your legal rights by following these essential Tips to Avoid a California DUI

    • If arrested, immediately after your DUI get a San Diego County DUI Law Center attorney referral

2. Research; Find the best San Diego DUI lawyer

3. Avoid having your license suspended upon scheduling a DMV hearing

    • To do so, you must timely request so within 10 calendar days of the issuance of your DUI
    • This will be the first thing your San Diego DUI lawyer will tell you to do in this situation

4. Retain your driving privileges

    • Your ability to keep driving will help your day-to-day activities, your employment, your family life, and your future

5. Obtain a temporary license and DUI evidentiary documents

    • Your attorney will have the DMV mail both a new white Temporary License and DUI evidentiary documents to you
    • Your attorney will also have the DMV stop (“stay”) the California’s administrative per se driving privilege suspension action

6. Obtain a Presumption of Innocence letter

    • Your lawyer will immediately email you steps on how to do so
    • This will protect your job status (if needed)

7. Avoid San Diego County Jail

8. Fill out an online DUI consultation form

      • When you make the right choice
      • Why you cannot beat his reasonable fee
      • How he will try to get a dismissal or reduction
      • Where he has been professionally since 1983
      • What next steps you need to do to simply make him your “hired gun” beginning with return of the signed Retainer Agreement.

9. Remain out of the court until absolutely necessary

    • With Rick Mueller, you never have to appear in court while he minimizes your economic/legal exposure and driving penalties.

10. Bottom Line: You need San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist Rick Mueller, because he gets – Results.


Follow these top 10 steps to protecting yourself after a San Diego DUI during Coronavirus/COVID-19 for the best possible results for your case.