DUI Fatality Rate Spikes in San Diego

San Diego DUI Fatality Rates Rise

DUI Fatality Rate Spikes in San Diego


With the world slowly attempting to acclimate back to a variation of how it used to operate pre-Covid-19 pandemic, the undying urge for individuals to gain back a sense of normalcy, is leading to some life altering incidences.



San Diego

San Diego County began tracking yearly DUI fatality numbers nearly two decades ago. Just last year, a record high of 33 fatalities plagued San Diego County. This year, in 2021, DUI-related fatalities in San Diego County took a turn for the worse. 2021 is marking the year in which San Diego County saw the most fatal DUIs in over two decades.

Typically, San Diego County averages anywhere from 15-20 DUI fatalities annually. The pandemic did not appear to have a positive impact on drunk driving statistics, as many had hoped. So far, in 2021 San Diego County DUI fatalities have reached a record breaking 35. Already up from last year’s record-breaking numbers in over 20 years.

Not only have DUI fatality numbers risen significantly in San Diego County, but so have the blood alcohol content levels of those involved. San Diego County District Attorney’s Office reported that over the last two years, DUI drivers have averaged a 0.18% BAC level. A 0.18% average BAC level is alarmingly high and more than twice the legal limit.




In an effort to stop the upward trend of DUI fatalities in San Diego County, the District Attorney’s Office is to receive a $530,600 grant. This grant is to come from the Office of Traffic Safety, specifically to help prosecute future DUI homicide cases.

This grant is also for the use of supporting law enforcement agencies, as well as DUI prevention and awareness campaigns. Some of these campaigns will consist of those taking place at local schools, military bases, and colleges. Ultimately, the campaigns are aiming to educate the public further about the dangers of impaired driving.

Attempting to stop impaired drivers before fatalities occur, an increased number of DUI checkpoints are planned for San Diego County. Not only will more checkpoints stop impaired drivers but also make the roads safer for all those on it.



DUI Investigations

San Diego County District Attorney claims that drivers are appearing to be more reckless than ever, putting more and more lives at risk every time they decide to get on the road in an impaired state. The District Attorney is drawing a direct correlation between DUI fatalities and murder. Attributing the increase in DUI fatalities to intentional reckless behavior, motivating the cases to be investigated as potential murders now.

The nature of the circumstances behind DUI fatalities are playing a more significant roll in their investigation as potential murders. The San Diego County District Attorney makes claim to the nature of these events centering around intentional and purposeful behavior.



San Diego DUI Specialist

In the unfortunate event that you may find yourself in a situation involving a DUI fatality in the greater San Diego area, you are going to need to contact a DUI lawyer immediately. Rick Mueller, California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist, native to the greater San Diego area, has a proven track record, to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your specific scenario. With his background and expertise, Rick Mueller will be able to guide you through the entire process.


DUI Fatality Rate Spikes in San Diego


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