Will a DUI Interfere with Your Ability to Get a Job?

Will a DUI Interfere with Your Ability to Get a Job

Will a DUI Interfere with Your Ability to Get a Job?


A common question that arises after someone obtains a DUI conviction or considers drinking and driving, is whether or not that DUI conviction can interfere with their ability to get a job. Unfortunately, there is no one exact answer. It comes down to the specifics surrounding your personal situation. It also factors in your current place of employment or in which you are seeking employment.

A DUI does in fact, have the potential to interfere with your ability to get a job in certain situations. This is largely in part because a DUI conviction has the ability to permanently alter your record. However, in recent years, laws have been put in place to try and mitigate this issue. Now, DUI convictions only begin to become problematic regarding employment once you have reached the stage of receiving conditional employment offers.

While having a DUI conviction can make for an awkward situation when applying for jobs and will probably force you to answer some uncomfortable questions, there are fortunately ways to overcome potential objections employers may have about your candidacy.




How can a DUI interfere with your ability to obtain employment? In certain situations, a DUI conviction can interfere with your ability to obtain employment by creating liability for the employer. In most instances, insurance companies will not insure anyone with a DUI conviction on their record. This poses as a big liability issue to any role that involves driving. Driving as part of a job description affects many more jobs than one may think such as:

  • Forklift operator
  • Real estate agent
  • Outside sales
  • Teaching/daycare
  • Military/government contractors


Another instance of when a DUI can interfere with your ability to obtain a job is regarding a felony DUI. Most DUIs are misdemeanor DUIs but in certain situations, DUIs are classified as felonies. These situations include having three or more DUI convictions in the past 10 years, you caused serious or fatal injuries while driving under the influence, and/or you have a prior felony DUI conviction on your record already.




What can you do to make it easier when applying for a job with a DUI conviction on record? One of the biggest things you can do to negate some of the obstacles when applying to a job with a DUI is to do your research before applying. When researching a job before applying with a DUI, one should be looking at a few things. They should be looking at the company’s policy regarding substance abuse, especially around hiring those with a history of it. One should also check to see if a professional license is a requirement for the position they are applying for.  In many situations, a DUI on your record can prohibit you from obtaining most professional licenses, hindering your ability to obtain a job.




When is it appropriate to get a DUI lawyer in situations where a DUI conviction is interfering with your ability to obtain a job? As soon as the DUI occurs. As soon as you find yourself in a situation of obtaining a DUI, you should contact a DUI specialist immediately. A DUI specialist can help your specific situation by possibly getting your chargers reduced or dismissed altogether. DUI specialists can also help with getting your DUI expunged from your record. An expunged conviction may still show up on a background check. However, this does not make it a lawful reason for an employer to deny you a job. By getting your DUI expunged from your record, you will not encounter the obstacles those without an expunged DUI do when applying for jobs.

If you find yourself in a situation needing a DUI specialist in the greater San Diego area, contact Rick Mueller, California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist, native to the greater San Diego area, with a proven track record, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for your specific situation, making it that much easier for you to obtain employment after a DUI.



What if?

What if I am already employed and obtain a DUI conviction? When you are already currently employed and obtain a DUI, the specific circumstances play a significant part in the lasting effects of the conviction in your workplace. Taking into consideration who your employer is and reviewing your terms of employment is a great starting point.


Will a DUI Interfere with Your Ability to Get a Job?


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