California’s 2018 Recreational Marijuana Legal Guide

California Marijuana Legal Guide

California’s 2018 Recreational Marijuana Legal Guide


Here’s your new Guide to marijuana.  In California, New Year’s Day 2018 sees big changes  with California’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.

Now you’re allowed to possess, transport, and share up to 1 ounce of marijuana and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate, plus grow 6 plants at your residence.

Passed by voters in November 2016, Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana for  California folks 21 and older.

What does that mean for smokers who drive?

As recently as that same year, 5 nanograms level of THC Marijuana and swab testing bills defeated for purposes of DUI – Marijuana.

It is legal to smoke marijuana and drive in San Diego California as long as your driving is fine and you are not under the influence of marijuana.

California marijuana measurement and swab test DUI legislation was shot down. Why? Insufficient evidence to support impairment and lack of science.

1. Assemblyman Low’s proposed an unfounded, arbitrary crime if a driver has 5 nanograms or more of THC per milliliter in his or her blood. The proposed bill simply was not supported by science.

2. Republican Senator Huff proposed to allow cops to use swab tests to detect marijuana. He wanted it because of the legality of medical marijuana and a proposed bill ultimately legalizing recreational use. With little or no evidence, he claimed the use of legal and illegal drugs while driving was rampant and this caused the number of fatalities to rise.

Why were these bills turned down? Lawmakers want California DUI police to be able to check themselves.

The drug policy alliance says: “California is wise to express a desire to better understand the relationship between cannabis use and impairment before passing laws that could unduly impact those in California most in need of cannabis to alleviate their suffering.” The bill legalizing recreational use of cannabis will allocate funds to research how to try to detect marijuana impairment for California drivers.

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California’s 2018 Recreational Marijuana Legal Guide


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