The Most Dangerous Times on the Road

Most Dangerous Times on the Road

The Most Dangerous Times on the Road


There are many factors that can turn driving into a dangerous situation and drinking is one of the most fatal. Alcohol consumption leads to impaired motor skills, slower reaction times and decreased vision, resulting in an increased risk of accidents when paired with operating a motor vehicle. The act of drinking and driving not only puts the driver’s life in danger, but also anyone on the road during that time.

While it can be hard to pinpoint exactly when one might encounter a drunk driver, there are certain times of the year when one should take extra precautions on the road. These range from months of the year, to days of the week, to even times of the day.


Months of the Year

There are certain months of the year that bring about an increased number of individuals driving under the influence. The majority of those months are ones that host prominent holidays for gatherings. There are the winter months like November with Thanksgiving and December with Christmas and New Year’s Eve and then there are the summer months like July with the 4th of July and September with Labor Day. These months historically have brought about significant increases in DUI arrests and accidents.

On top of increased hazards on the roads due to drinking and driving during these months, the winter months also bring about worse weather conditions. With the increased alcohol consumption during the holidays and the worsening weather conditions, it can make driving during these times that much more dangerous. Taking extra precautions on the road during the winter and summer holiday months is always advised for not only your safety but also the safety of others on the road during that time.


Days of the Week

Taking it a step further, there are certain days of the week that bring about an increase in drunk drivers. For many, the weekend brings about more free time and an increased number of individuals consuming alcohol. This combination has led to a significant increase in the number of intoxicated drivers on the roads during this time. Weekend DUI crashes and fatalities are about 50% more likely to occur than weekday DUI crashes and fatalities. The increased danger begins Fridays, peaking Saturday nights and running into the early parts of Sunday mornings. Always remember that rideshare services, taxis, and sober drivers are a better and safer alternative than operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol, even if you think you are sober enough to drive.


Times of the Day

Narrowing down the most dangerous times on the road even further, there certain times of the day where the probability of individuals driving while intoxicated are significantly heightened. Historically, the majority of DUIs have taken place during the later parts of the night/early parts of the morning. Statistically, the most dangerous time of the day to be on the road, due to drunk drivers, is between the hours of midnight and 3am, with the second most dangerous time of the day being between 9pm and midnight. Therefore, the hours between 9pm and 3am are some of the most dangerous times to be on the road due to the increased traffic by drivers driving under the influence. If you must get on the road during these hours, take extra precautions to ensure your safety from the dangers of drivers under the influence.


Extra Precautions

Avoiding being on the roads during the months of the year, days of the week, and times of the day deemed the most dangerous might not always be possible. When not possible, one should take extra precautions to ensure their safety during these times. Some extra precautions drivers can take during these times are always making sure your seatbelt is on, ensuring you maintain a generous distance between yourself and the cars around you and taking extra caution when at intersections. While you might not be able to avoid getting on the roads all together during these times, taking these extra precautions can help mitigate danger.


DUI Specialist

San Diego county hosts regular DUI checkpoints to try and minimize the number of drunk drivers during some of the most dangerous times on the roads, however, this does not always eliminate the danger on the roads. Whether you have concerns about the danger of a DUI during these times or you or someone you know has obtained a DUI during these times, contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Rick Mueller, California DUI Lawyers Association Specialist, will be sure to get you the answers and help you may need!


The Most Dangerous Times on the Road


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